Saturday 4th April took place Ariix We Are Togheter, the first major Network Marketing Online Event; more than 2000 people connected simultaneously for seize an opportunity, listen to the stories of those who have made Network marketing a real and satisfying job, better understand the Company which allows us to carry out our online business every day.

The event was organized down to the smallest detail, with the same care as a ‘physical’ event, but with the convenience of being able to be together by connecting from our home, because right now the most important thing we must preserve is our health.

We will certainly return to embrace each other in the great conventions that Ariix has accustomed us to organize, but once again, we have proved to be a disruptive group, creating this amazing and innovative precedent.

We manage our business online, so it was natural to bring our testimonials into this dimension, revolutionizing the rules once again with an online event of this magnitude.

I was directly involved in the preparation of this beautiful ‘meeting’, and I made my contribution by presenting ARIIX, a company that is trulysynonymous with OPPORTUNITY; you will find my speech in tandem with Luca Giuliani at the beginning of the video that you will find below.

But all the presentations, aimed above all at those who are looking for a real transformation in their life, are ideas and inspirations that can give the scope of what we have achieved, and where you can grasp the spirit that animated those who believed in this activity to start. their path.

So many reasons, so many experiences.

As for myself, I will keep repeating that my story starts from a revelation; I got to know Network Marketing online and I immediately grasped its potential. I immediately believed it could be there solution I was looking for and this motivation has accompanied me (and still accompanies me) in recent years, becoming the main lever of my successes.

I have wonderful travel companions, I have the support of an innovative company and I understand that following a team, and helping it to have results, is the basis of collective success.

But back to Ariix WE Are Together!

With this brief introduction I leave you to watch the video-event; will be 3 hours full of emotions but very concrete, in which you will find all the elements to evaluate the activity.

Good vision, good start!